Mathias Kraus
Mathias Kraus

co-CEO, co-Founder

Mathias studied Mechatronics at OTH Regensburg and is an experienced specialist in the field of embedded software development. His career started at IRS Systementwicklung GmbH, where he wrote his diploma thesis in 2007 and acquired a wide range of skills, from hardware and software development to project management. In software development, his responsibilities ranged from the development of GUIs and drivers down to the programming of µCs and the creation of IP cores for FPGAs. He acquired a profound knowledge of C, C++, LabVIEW and VHDL and implemented, among other things, a network stack tailored for low-latency and high-throughput applications. In hardware development, he created both digital and analog circuits and also brought the design to the circuit board. His first station at IRS is also where he got his nickname »Bob«, a funny anecdote he likes to share over a coffee.

Since 2017, Mathias has played a vital role in the iceoryx project, lending his expertise to ITK Engineering, Bosch, and Apex.AI. With the co-founding of the ekxide IO GmbH, he found a platform to continue advancing the next-gen iceoryx2 - a Rust project he's deeply involved in. Mathias is a rustacean at heart for years and firmly believes that Rust is crucial for the future of safety-critical systems, emphasizing also its ability to extract maximum performance in hardware/software collaborations.

His technical skills extend beyond software as Mathias embarked on the development of a high-frequency measurement device based on FPGA and Rust, leveraging the language's capability to optimize performance in hardware/software co-design.

Mathias has been a key contributor to inventions in zero-copy inter-process communication, substantiated by multiple patents. Aligned with his co-founder Christian, Mathias believes in the foundational role of open-source in safety-critical software.


Christian Eltzschig, Mathias Kraus - 03/04/2024

We are excited to share our adventures at ekxide, especially about our journey with iceoryx. Expect many interesting blogs about Rust, C++, the fun of creating a platform independent middleware, hypnotoad and more....