co-CEO, co-Founder

Christian Eltzschig is a driving force behind ekxide. He kicked off his tech journey with an apprenticeship as an IT specialist and later delved into mathematics during his academic pursuits. Notably, at TU Berlin, he developed a 3D engine for visualizing mathematical constructs - a tangible blend of theory and practice.

Since 2017, Christian has been actively involved in the development of the open-source project iceoryx, contributing his expertise at ITK Engineering, Bosch, and Apex.AI. With a Rust-centric approach, he co-founded the ekxide IO GmbH to steer the evolution of iceoryx2, rewriting iceoryx from scratch in Rust alongside his co-founder, Mathias Kraus.

Christian's commitment extends beyond code; he firmly believes in the pivotal role of open-source in safety-critical applications. He sees Rust as a promising language for the future of such systems. Furthermore, Christian has made significant contributions to zero-copy inter-process communication innovations, evident in multiple patents he has been a part of.

Beyond the technical realm, Christian envisions the iceoryx project being applied in space and aiding robots in exploration - making the once-impossible, routine. He actively collaborates with the open-source community, fostering innovation and exploring synergies with other projects.

For Christian, iceoryx is more than a project - it's a conduit for collaborative exploration, pushing the boundaries of technology. With his unique blend of technical skills and a deep commitment to open source, Christian is a key player in ekxide's mission to redefine possibilities in safety-critical software.

Christian, also known as 'elfenpiff' on GitHub, is like an elf in the coding world - you could hear the piff of an elf - elfenpiff - every time he closes a pull request!