Training And Consulting

iceoryx and its Ecosystem:

  • iceoryx User Training:
    • High-level architecture overview of iceoryx
    • Best practices for effective iceoryx utilization
    • Messaging patterns and idioms through examples and demonstrations
    • In-depth exploration of low-level building blocks in iceoryx_hoofs and their application in projects
  • iceoryx Hacker Training:
    • Deep dive into iceoryx architecture
    • Customizing iceoryx to specific needs
    • Extending iceoryx with custom features
    • Exploring diverse architecture concepts for robustness and high performance
    • Empowering developers to contribute actively to the project

Rust or C++ Training with Focus on Embedded Software:

  • Error handling concepts with robust reporting
  • Strategies for heapless programming
  • Testing strategies and failure injection
  • Platform abstraction approaches for deployment on embedded target devices and development on desktop systems
  • Addressing challenges of POSIX platforms, including timing, concurrency and IPC communication
  • In-depth exploration of lock-free programming, testing, and verification

Consulting Services:

  • Deploying iceoryx or Generic Embedded Mission-Critical Systems:
    • Code reviews to ensure robust implementation
    • System architecture consultations for optimal performance
    • Strategies for testing and verification
    • Guidance in achieving certifiable software per ISO 26262 standards

At ekxide, we don't just provide tools; we empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the intricacies of iceoryx and embedded software development. Whether you're a user looking for practical insights or a hacker ready for deep exploration, our training and consulting services are tailored to elevate your capabilities.