Certification Support

Our Services Include:

  • MC/DC Test Coverage Strategies:
    • Conceptualizing and implementing concepts to achieve 100% MC/DC test coverage for low-level embedded code by incorporating failure injection and platform abstraction.
  • Memory Handling in Deterministic Environments:
    • Memory allocation strategies tailored for deterministic environments, ensuring reliability and predictability.
  • Documentation and Requirements Alignment:
    • Developing architecture documentation and requirements, seamlessly linked with unit and integration tests for comprehensive coverage.
  • Lock-Free Code Testing and Verification:
    • Specialized testing and verification for lock-free code.
  • Efficient and Secure API Designs:
    • Crafting API designs that prioritize efficiency and minimize misuse, enhancing overall software robustness.
  • Error Handling and Reporting Concepts:
    • Realizing effective error handling and reporting concepts.
  • Static Code Analysis and Rule Set Evaluation:
    • Conducting thorough static code analysis and evaluating rule sets to identify and rectify potential issues proactively.
  • Strategies for Avoiding Non-Deterministic Library Calls:
    • Implementing design strategies to circumvent non-deterministic library calls, ensuring software determinism.

Count on ekxide for a dedicated partnership that extends beyond development, providing expert support in achieving and maintaining certification for your software projects.