In our exploration of the open-source landscape, we identified a common predicament faced by companies adopting open-source projects. The challenges predominantly revolved around support, a crucial aspect often overlooked in the decision-making process.

  • Developer Training: Who could teach the developers to use these project effectively?
  • Integration and Feature Help: Companies needed assistance in integrating open-source solutions and filling feature gaps.
  • On-Demand Engineering: Pressing deadlines called for on-the-spot engineering services.

Enter ekxide: The team behind iceoryx, created to address open-source challenges. We're here to offer everything from expert support in feature implementation and integration to developer training. Think of us as your reliable partner, making open-source adoption smoother and more reliable with commercial support.


At ekxide, our mission is grounded in a dedication to fostering the continuous growth, support, and innovation of open-source projects, with a particular focus on advancing the capabilities of iceoryx.

The primary objective of ekxide is to generate financial resources dedicated to sustaining and enhancing open-source initiatives. By channeling the proceeds into ongoing feature development, innovations, and support, we aim to fortify the foundation of the iceoryx ecosystem.

We believe in the innovative potential of open-source collaboration. Our commitment extends to releasing as much code as possible to the open-source community. Once a feature becomes open-source, it stays open-source, contributing to the collective knowledge and promoting a culture of transparency and shared growth.

In the evolving landscape of desktop and mission-critical systems, inter-process communication (IPC) is becoming increasingly vital. Whether it's to enhance system robustness by dividing them into multiple processes or to seamlessly connect applications from different vendors.

Our team is comprised of seasoned experts who have dedicated years to the development of iceoryx. The success of iceoryx, a fast, reliable true zero-copy, lock-free inter-process communication framework, is a testament to our team's expertise. Currently, we are forging ahead with the development of the next generation – iceoryx2, leveraging the safety and versatility of Rust.

Business Model

At ekxide, we embrace an open-core business model, delivering a comprehensive open-source iceoryx with an extensive feature set. Our commitment to openness ensures accessibility and collaborative development while providing the foundation for customized solutions tailored to specific use cases.

As a young company we are still exploring the best way to fund the future development of the open source stack. Therefore, some of newly developed extensions will remain closed and are only available for customers supporting the future development of iceoryx.

Key Components of our Business Model

  1. Open Source Foundation:
    • We provide a fully functional open-source iceoryx with a rich feature set, available to the community for collaboration and innovation.
  2. Closed Source Extensions for Custom Use Cases:
    • For specialized requirements, we offer closed-source extensions featuring:
      • GPU support
      • Hypervisor support
      • Deployments in zero-trust environments
      • and more ...
    • These tailored features cater to unique use cases, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
  3. Development Tooling:
    • Our commitment extends beyond the core framework. We offer development tooling around iceoryx for debugging and introspection, facilitating a seamless development experience.
  4. Service Offerings:
    • Special Feature Implementation:
      • We provide services for implementing special features, whether they align with our open-source philosophy or require closed-source development.
    • Integration Support:
      • Our team offers support for integrating iceoryx into custom frameworks, ensuring smooth interoperability with diverse ecosystems.
    • Consulting and Training:
      • Tailored consulting and training programs are available for developers aiming to create custom proprietary extensions, empowering them to maximize the potential of iceoryx.
    • Certification Support:
      • In adherence to industry standards such as ISO 26262, we offer support for certification efforts around iceoryx. Our team is dedicated to assisting in the certification process, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety and quality standards.

At ekxide, our business model is designed to balance openness, customization, and sustainability. By providing a strong open-source foundation and offering specialized services, we aim to empower developers, businesses, and industries to harness the full potential of iceoryx for their unique needs.